About JSBA

Our Mission

Like every student association at JMSB that represents students in their eld of choice, JSBA is there to represent those in the programs of BTM, SCOM and DI. The association’s mission revolves around providing academic support as well as resources to students in order to enhance their education. In other words, JSBA wants students to become successful professionals and leaders.

JSBA focuses on strengthening the link between students’ academic performance and their passion for their program. To facilitate this connection, JSBA organizes a variety of events and initiatives, such as work- shops, conferences and networking events.

Our Values

01 Transparency

As a student association, JSBA is beholden to the students it represents.

02 Innovation

In an ever changing technological world and corporate landscape, JSBA must strive to have innovative events that bring relevant information and skills to its students.

03 Community

To give its students an edge in a competitive corporate world, JSBA must focus on providing networking events, and fostering a sense of community within JMSB and beyond

04 Leadership

Encourage other subs to strive for excellence by being efficient, innovative, accountable and relevant.

Word from the Dean of Students

“The University experience is about much more than class-based activities. The JSBA, by providing their members with opportunities to participate in the greater life of Concordia and beyond, is fulfilling a core mandate of the Concordia experience. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer the top notch education we seek to provide to JMSB students.”

Andrew Woodall, Dean of Students, Concordia University

Letters from the Co-Presidents

Read what the Co-Presidents of the 2021-2022 JSBA team Alexandre Famery and Nicole Um have to say as we approach the beginning of the new 2023-2024 school year.