JSBA welcomes everyone to Fall 2016

08-09-16 David 0 comment


JSBA – The John Molson Supply Chain and Business Technology Management Association. Now if that isn’t a mouthful then we don’t know what is! Thankfully there is a reason for this: JSBA is here to represent two of the fastest growing fields of study in business, and to achieve that we needed this incredibly long name! (Let’s be honest, who needs an original name anyhow? We are proud of who we represent!)

On a more serious note, we are privileged to be able to supply our incredible student base with a variety of events to help them succeed academically as well as professionally. Whether it be through workshops, professional photoshoots, company tours, or networking events; we are here to provide some of the best opportunities possible for our students!

We pride ourselves on exemplifying the traits of the SCOM, BTM, and DI domains in all that we do! We have worked hard to create an exceptional roster of events at a reasonable cost to students, all the while satisfying the demand for well-crafted resources, without causing any delay to you!

If you are reading this, it is because you are aware of what we strive to bring to the community, and we want to allow this message to spread throughout the entire JMSB community:

We are here to provide you with opportunities to succeed, the resources to develop yourself, and most importantly, we are here to enrich your life as a student at our world renowned university!

We are JSBA, and we would like to welcome you back for another incredible year.


The JSBA team 2016-2017