Who we are



As a student association, JSBA is beholden to the students it represents.

Innovation & Relevance

In an ever changing technological world and corporate landscape, JSBA must strive to have innovative events that bring relevant information and skills to its students.


To give its students an edge in a competitive corporate world, JSBA must focus on providing networking events, and fostering a sense of community within JMSB and beyond


Encourage other subs to strive for excellence by being efficient, innovative, accountable and relevant.

The Mission

Like every student association at JMSB that represents students in their eld of choice, JSBA is there to represent those in the programs of BTM, SCOM and DI. The association’s mission revolves around providing academic support as well as resources to students in order to enhance their education. In other words, JSBA wants students to become successful professionals and leaders.

JSBA focuses on strengthening the link between students’ academic performance and their passion for their program. To facilitate this connection, JSBA organizes a variety of events and initiatives, such as work- shops, conferences and networking events.


  • Support: Advocate on behalf of our members, internally at JMSB and externally with the industry.
  • Resources: Supply students with tools and knowledge to succeed in their studies, and set them up for optimal success in any post-graduate endeavours.
  • Aggregate and Disseminate Information: Provide our members with a centralized source of relevant information related to both curricular and extra-curricular activities and opportunities.


  • Network: Provide opportunities for students to make connections amongst themselves and with important people in their industries.
  • Bridge Academics & Industry: It can be hard to put what you learn in class into context. JSBA opportunities through various activities to connect classroom learning to real work scenarios.
  • Community: JSBA strives to build a sense of community among BTM and SCOM students, as well as industry professionals.


  • Academically: Add to the classroom experience by providing knowledge and tools that augment and complement what students learn in class
  • Extra-curricular: Encourage students to pursue extra-curricular activities that help them grow professionally, as well as personally


The Vision

JSBA strives to become an association that is recognized for the value it add to students’ university experience, as well as for the professional, career, and growth opportunities it provides to any undergraduate student at JMSB, Concordia, or the Montreal community at large willing to seize them.

At Concordia, JSBA sees itself becoming the main point of reference for matters regarding BTM, SCOM and DI, and seeks to enhance students’ overall academic experience during their university journey while inspiring them to pursue studies in the elds the association represents.

For its part outside the university, JSBA intends to become an integral part of the professional communi- ties associated with the programs it represents, to act like the spoke of a wheel, connecting and integrat- ing its members into those communities.

Moreover, JSBA’s vision is that of a business community that understands the value that the graduating professionals from the fields of BTM, SCOM and DI bring to today’s organizations. Being the newest fields in business, there is a lack of such understanding. JSBA aims to x this by providing exposure of these new branches of business professionals to the business community.

Our Goals

  1. Increase awareness through effective marketing to inspire external students, and internal members.
  2. Improve credibility by adding direct relevant value to our members, through events and services.
  3. Enrich & augment the formal learning experience at JMSB.
  4. Bridge the gap between Industry, Academia, and Students.
  5. Inspire future business leaders by emphasizing the importance and integrative nature of BTM/SCOM across all business disciplines and industries.
  6. Represent and support our members and their interests and enhance their education and experience at JMSB.