Want to hear from the graduates?

Something Cool

is on it's way!

If you are here then it already looks like you are pretty interested to learn more about our programs. We believe there is nothing better than hearing directly from the graduates about the program that they majored in JMSB before you. Their experience / opinion / advice / suggestion / feedback can help you even more to understand whether the program you are interested in, is a good fit for you.

Apart from that, we also found many students often want to know information about the graduates. How were their JMSB experience? What were the most interesting or challenging courses they took? What are they currently doing after their graduation? Where are they working now? Was it easy for them to find job? What paths did they follow to move forward for higher education?  We followed up with some of the graduates to answer these questions. There responses will be posted in this page very soon. Stay tuned!

We are thankful to all the graduates who has given us their valuable time to share their JMSB experience with JSBA. We hope their stories inspire you and help you with your decision to select the right program. This could be a great networking platform for both students and graduates, to stay connected in the same field / community / discipline.

If you are a SCOM / BTM graduate, and would like to share your JMSB story with us to help prospective students decide about the program, feel free to write us. We will get in touch with you shortly.